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Jolly Jeepers Rally 2011

This past weekend, Taylor and I participated in our third “Back to Basics” rally with the Jolly Jeepers club. Unfortunately, Oregon didn’t seem to get the memo about it being the middle of July, because it rained on us the entire time. This made … Continue reading

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A DNSBL and Greylisting Hybrid Approach

I have long been a critic of greylisting as a method of reducing spam.  I recently broke down and implemented it on my servers after a couple of back-to-back blacklisting issues.  The problem with DNSBL blacklists is that even the … Continue reading

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Recently a friend of mine signed up for and started using a account to chat with me.  I have run my own jabber server for almost ten years now and I’ve never had problems with the server-to-server (S2S) aspect … Continue reading

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Microhams 2009

This past Saturday, I presented at the Microhams 2009 Digital Communications conference.  I covered a basic demo of D-RATS functionality and showed the new 0.3.x UI I’m working on.  Response was quite good and the questions I received were refreshingly … Continue reading

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Unlocking a GSM Treo 650

I’m back to using a Treo 650 (GSM, Cingular) for the time being (yet another long story).  I "acquired" this one from someone who was a AT&T subscriber.  Even though the phone is branded as Cingular, it is locked to … Continue reading

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New Palm T|X

So, I moved away from my Treo 650 (long story).  Since I need a PDA, I purchased a new Palm T|X.  It has 128MB of RAM, Bluetooth, and WiFi.  Whee. Read on for information about syncing with Planner.el and Linux.

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Weather Page

I’ve put together a basic weather monitoring page to display the information from my LaCrosse 2010 weather station.  I wrote the data logging software myself, since only a windows application was available for free.  I plan to make the source … Continue reading

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Code Test

Today I took (and passed) my FCC Amateur Radio Morse Code test!  I decided about 5 days ago that I should start studying for it.  I was lucky that the DurHamFest was holding a VE testing session, so I decided … Continue reading

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Roomba Woes

I received a Roomba Discovery as a gift about two weeks ago.  So far, I have been very pleased with it.  It does a good job of vacuuming the entire first floor.  Everything was going well until…

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Move Scheduled

We’re officially going! Our move is scheduled for June 3rd, 2005. We’ll be leaving Raleigh, NC for Beaverton, OR. We’ve secured an apartment in Beaverton, in a complex called La Salle, Amphora floorplan.

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