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A better way to process binary data in Python

One of my side-projects is CHIRP, which is an application for programming the memory contents of various radios.  Like other projects I’ve done where I want to cater to (or at least, not exclude) people running Windows, it’s written in … Continue reading

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Using Py2App with GTK

In order to present D-RATS as a nice and neat App package on MacOS X, I have been using Py2App.  When it works, this utility generates a App package that contains everything D-RATS needs aside from the base operating system … Continue reading

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Python programs for Windows with py2exe

If you know me, you know that I don’t often acknowledge the existence of Windows as an OS worth my attention.  However, I’m working on some code for a group of people who are predominantly Windows users that, aside from … Continue reading

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Using DBUS to take action on a USB storage device

I keep my password-encrypted SSH and PGP keys on a small USB key.  I do this to keep these sensitive files separate from my laptop, in case I were to lose it.  I figure it’s easier to keep a USB … Continue reading

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