Microhams 2009

This past Saturday, I presented at the Microhams 2009 Digital Communications conference.  I covered a basic demo of D-RATS functionality and showed the new 0.3.x UI I’m working on.  Response was quite good and the questions I received were refreshingly technical and well thought out.  Some new ideas came out of the discussions I had during and after the presentation, which I’m looking forward to working on.  Overall I think it was the most interesting conference I’ve been to in a while, with just about every presentation keeping me interested the entire time.

In case you don’t know, the Microhams group is closely related to Microsoft, and (as I understand it) was founded and is largely populated by Microsoft employees.  As such, the conference was held on the Microsoft corporate campus in Redmond, WA.  I thoroughly enjoyed taking my Linux machine up to the podium (which sported a large brass-colored Microsoft logo) and plugging it into the projector.  I got a couple of decent jabs at Microsoft worked into the material, and the audience was receptive to the fun.

As I was walking out to the parking area and waiting for Taylor to pick me up, I snapped the following shot of the posters that adorn the small-town-feel of the bit of the campus I was on:

 I was amused Smilie: :)

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