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Multi-room audio with multicast RTP

Our house has speakers in the ceiling in almost every room. This is not something I’ve had before, and was initially skeptical about usefulness and fidelity. However, I’ve actually been enjoying having the background music while working be spread further … Continue reading

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Don’t touch my Schiit!

As a work-from-home-er and a music fan, having good audio in my home office is important. Until recently, I’ve used my laptop to feed a two-channel amp and some decent speakers. A large collection of digital audio, combined with MPD … Continue reading

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S/PDIF and Dolby Digital out from MythTV

One of the nice things about getting the upstairs movie room finally bootstrapped is the return to having a real Dolby Digital receiver and more than just stereo sound.  I’ve always been a big fan of loud bass-booming movies with … Continue reading

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