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The magical sleeping development machine

For years now, I’ve preferred to do all my development on a dedicated machine. This means my desktop (or laptop, depending) is just a glorified terminal-and-editor-running appliance. It probably comes from years of crashing boxes during kernel development, but it … Continue reading

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Multi-room audio with multicast RTP

Our house has speakers in the ceiling in almost every room. This is not something I’ve had before, and was initially skeptical about usefulness and fidelity. However, I’ve actually been enjoying having the background music while working be spread further … Continue reading

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Don’t touch my Schiit!

As a work-from-home-er and a music fan, having good audio in my home office is important. Until recently, I’ve used my laptop to feed a two-channel amp and some decent speakers. A large collection of digital audio, combined with MPD … Continue reading

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Low-latency continuous rsync

Okay, so “lowish-latency” would be more appropriate. I regularly work on systems that are fairly distant, over relatively high-latency links. That means that I don’t want to run my editor there because 300ms between pressing a key and seeing it … Continue reading

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The beauty of automated builds

Just about any developer knows that if you’ve got even a moderately complicated project, you have to have automated builds. This helps to ensure not only that the builds you provide to the public are consistent, but also that you … Continue reading

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Making a KVM-bootable image

I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve had to re-learn how to create a bootable image from a filesystem tree (such as a tarball of a root filesystem, or a Xen partition image).  If for no other reason than … Continue reading

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Mock Rocks!

I’ve been working through the process of getting a libcmpiutil package built for Fedora 9.  I’ve never packaged something for a distro before, so some of the things are a bit new to me.  Luckily, Daniel Veillard did a good … Continue reading

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