New Palm T|X

So, I moved away from my Treo 650 (long story).  Since I need a
PDA, I purchased a new Palm T|X.  It has 128MB of RAM, Bluetooth,
and WiFi.  Whee.

Read on for information about syncing with Planner.el and Linux.

I have also begun using Planner.el
to manage my work life.  I needed a way to sync my planner data with my
Palm so that I could be organized away from my desk.  I started on an OpenSync plugin for Planner files, which is working relatively well at the moment.

I also had problems syncing my Palm T|X with OpenSync, even though it
worked with an older palm device.  I fixed a bunch of bugs in the
palm-sync plugin, which should make it into the subversion repository
soon.  Apparently the Palm T|X is a little more strict about what
you send it, so some obscure bugs in the sync code made it unhappy.

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