Jolly Jeepers Rally 2011

This past weekend, Taylor and I participated in our third “Back to Basics” rally with the Jolly Jeepers club. Unfortunately, Oregon didn’t seem to get the memo about it being the middle of July, because it rained on us the entire time. This made the trails muddy and the camping a little more challenging, but it certainly didn’t stop us from taking a bunch of jeeps into the woods. It did cut down on the amount of picture-taking and video-recording we did, just because it’s hard to do that in the rain.

This year was relatively uneventful compared to the events of the previous one, which is a good thing. There was a little more winching involved due to the wet weather, but that didn’t stop Paul from bringing his matching Jeep trailer:



Click here to see a playlist of the rest of the video that we captured. I continue to be disappointed by how tame the video makes the trails look. The hill at the end was so steep that you’d be on your hands and knees trying to walk up it.


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