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The beauty of automated builds

Just about any developer knows that if you’ve got even a moderately complicated project, you have to have automated builds. This helps to ensure not only that the builds you provide to the public are consistent, but also that you … Continue reading

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All hail Winlink 1988!

Winlink 2000 is a hot topic in the amateur community right now.  It provides a mechanism to access Internet email over several different transports, including an Internet connection, local V/UHF packet radio, and long-distance HF Pactor.  The idea is great, … Continue reading

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Embedded D-RATS

For a while now, I’ve wanted to see what interesting things I could do with a microcontroller by teaching it how to send and receive D-RATS packets.  I bought an Arduino Diecimila a while ago and played with it a … Continue reading

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D-RATS covered in the D-STAR Nifty Guide

The “Nifty! Ham Accessories” company publishes a large number of quick reference guides and manuals for a variety of ham hardware and software.  I think the most popular items are the nifty guides which are pocket-sized cheat sheets for today’s … Continue reading

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I think that one of the hardest things to do as a programmer is anticipate the ways in which your product will be used.  If it’s not very powerful to start with, then it’s not likely that people will try … Continue reading

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D-RATS in Italian!

D-RATS has really become quite a bit more popular than I originally anticipated.  A good indication of that is the fact that I just got my first translation request.  I figure that it’s a pretty strong indicator that you’ve created … Continue reading

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The September issue of QST arrived in my mailbox yesterday, complete with my D-RATS article on page 34! The idea to write an article about D-RATS came much earlier in the year (way back in February), once we had used … Continue reading

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D-RATS gets map support

Last week, I released D-RATS 0.1.11 with preliminary GPS support.  This meant parsing the NMEA GPS strings that are broadcasted by ICOM radios, calculating the distance and direction from current, as well as a temporary way to plot known stations … Continue reading

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