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Automating the Expert Linear ATU tuning process

Most people will recognize CHIRP as a desktop application, which it is. However, one of the early design points for the architecture was a clear separation between the UI and the driver model. That provides a mostly clean abstraction between … Continue reading

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Adding a second mic to a Kenwood TK-8180

The Kenwood TK-8180 is my go-to preferred radio for GMRS stuff. It is a rugged radio with an excellent remote-head kit, and a nice display. It’s generally pretty easy to find them in good condition on eBay, and accessories are … Continue reading

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Fixing a Kenwood TM-281 serial interface

I have a Kenwood TM-281 that I got second-hand from an unknown source, and have always programmed it by hand since it’s so simple. Recent efforts in the chirp py3 branch require a lot of re-testing of radios, so I … Continue reading

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GenRight TJ Aluminum Front Fender Notes

I recently installed GenRight regular aluminum front fenders on my TJ. It was my first time doing fenders and it turned out to be a lot more than I was planning for, so I thought I’d document some of my … Continue reading

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Resolving an Icom IC-7000 Power Meter Problem

Recently my Icom IC-7000 died during transmit. The result was a totally-dead appearance, which I resolved as detailed in this recent post. After repairing it with new parts, the radio powers on, but all is not well. The radio now … Continue reading

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Fixing a dead Icom IC-7000

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with my Icom IC-7000. I think that it’s a fantastic radio, with a ton of stuff packed into a very small size. My radio has suffered several failures over its life and … Continue reading

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Adding Bluetooth to a Kenwood TM-D700

I have a couple of older Kenwood TM-D700 radios that I use for APRS stuff. They’re solid radios, and even have some features not present in the newer siblings, like the TM-D710. But, they don’t have integrated GPS devices, they … Continue reading

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Fixing bad filters in a Kenwood TK-7160H

I recently got a good deal on a condition-unknown Kenwood TK-7160H radio. This is a nice 50W VHF high-band commercial transceiver, and I figured that even if it was a little sick, it could probably be used to add support … Continue reading

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Start and Monitor Image Pre-cache Operations in Nova

When you boot an instance in Nova, you provide a reference to an image. In many cases, once Nova has selected a host, the virt driver on that node downloads the image from Glance and uses it as the basis … Continue reading

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Jeep JK Air Tank Install

A year ago, I added onboard air to our Jeep. It had always been something I wanted to do (since the last Jeep) and I can say it’s definitely one of the best things I’ve done to it. Not only … Continue reading

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