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Adding Bluetooth to a Kenwood TM-D700

I have a couple of older Kenwood TM-D700 radios that I use for APRS stuff. They’re solid radios, and even have some features not present in the newer siblings, like the TM-D710. But, they don’t have integrated GPS devices, they … Continue reading

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Multi-room audio with multicast RTP

Our house has speakers in the ceiling in almost every room. This is not something I’ve had before, and was initially skeptical about usefulness and fidelity. However, I’ve actually been enjoying having the background music while working be spread further … Continue reading

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Don’t touch my Schiit!

As a work-from-home-er and a music fan, having good audio in my home office is important. Until recently, I’ve used my laptop to feed a two-channel amp and some decent speakers. A large collection of digital audio, combined with MPD … Continue reading

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9600 baud packet on a Kenwood TK-840

The Kenwood TK-840 is a nice commercial UHF radio that is starting to go for $50-$100 on eBay due to the fact that it is not narrow-band capable. It is happy in the ham bands, has a good screen, excellent … Continue reading

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Update your FT-817, FT-857, or FT-897 with the new 60 meter channel

In the US starting in 2003, amateurs have had a secondary allocation of five specific channels in the 60 meter band. Unlike most other allocations, these are restricted to phone emissions in upper sideband, with a maximum of 50 watts … Continue reading

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Q89 Compressor Modification

One of the first things you need when you start into off-roading is a good compressor.  This is because you air down your tires each time before you go, and have to air them back up before you drive home.  … Continue reading

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Kenwood TK-380 Self-Programming Modification

I recently purchased a Kenwood TK-380 UHF handheld radio on eBay.  This is a commercial UHF FM transceiver used by public safety organizations.  It will do 4W output, narrow or wide band transmission, and conventional or trunking operation. This radio … Continue reading

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Custom UPS External Battery Bank

When we moved into our current house, I had a Matrix 5000 UPS that I used to power my server room.  This 5kVA unit was a really impressive device that ran on 220V and could have its “brain” replaced without … Continue reading

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ID800 Magnetic Head Modification

The ICOM ID-800 is a very common D-STAR radio, and for good reason: it includes the digital functionality, dual-band operation, and a remote-able head.  It’s much easier to mount a small head unit in view than an entire radio, with … Continue reading

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Roku Player

I recently received a Roku Netflix player as a gift.  I have always been skeptical of the Roku player and the quality of the picture that they could possibly deliver over someone’s network connection of unknown quality and load.  When … Continue reading

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