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The magical sleeping development machine

For years now, I’ve preferred to do all my development on a dedicated machine. This means my desktop (or laptop, depending) is just a glorified terminal-and-editor-running appliance. It probably comes from years of crashing boxes during kernel development, but it … Continue reading

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Don’t touch my Schiit!

As a work-from-home-er and a music fan, having good audio in my home office is important. Until recently, I’ve used my laptop to feed a two-channel amp and some decent speakers. A large collection of digital audio, combined with MPD … Continue reading

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All your DB are belong to conductor

Well, it’s done. Hopefully. Over the last year, Nova has had a goal of removing direct database access from nova-compute. This has a lot of advantages, especially around security and rolling upgrade abilities, but also brings some complexity and change. Much … Continue reading

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Managing ECX 2013 Logistics with Drupal

If you know me, you know that one of my favorite events each year is the Eagle Cap Extreme Sled Dog Race. No, I’m not a big fan of dogs, or sleds, but when you put the two together, you … Continue reading

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A super key for people with real keyboards

How exactly did Microsoft get their logo on a key anyway? In the Windows world, this is known as the “windows key” or the “win key”.  In Linux, it’s often mapped as the super key.  The new Unity environment (which … Continue reading

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ACPI Events on a Toughbook CF-29

I have a Panasonic Toughbook CF-29 that I use for situations where I don’t want to take my regular office-ish notebook.  I am planning to take and use it at the 2011 Eagle Cap Extreme event for digital communications.  I … Continue reading

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Router hits two years

Today, the Linux machine serving as the router for my home network rolled over the two-year mark for uptime.  That means it has been powered up, booted, and routing my internal network to the rest of the world for 730 … Continue reading

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Dear Thunderbird, I’m smarter than you

Lately, I’ve been getting a lot of log file attachments from users of D-RATS and CHIRP .  These are small text files, usually with a python stack trace at the end that provides illumination for some issue they’ve been having.  … Continue reading

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GNUS Date Hacks

I’ve used GNUS for a long time…since my sophomore year in undergrad, I think.  I like it a lot, and have only cheated (er, experimented) a couple of times with various other mailers.  Even though I have used it for … Continue reading

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Show UTC as a location in Gnome International Clock

I love the new international clock applet in Gnome.  It makes it easy to see a list of alternate time zones for coordinating with colleagues.  However, it seems to be missing the ability to add UTC as a timezone.  UTC, … Continue reading

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