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ID800 Magnetic Head Modification

The ICOM ID-800 is a very common D-STAR radio, and for good reason: it includes the digital functionality, dual-band operation, and a remote-able head.  It’s much easier to mount a small head unit in view than an entire radio, with … Continue reading

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Roku Player

I recently received a Roku Netflix player as a gift.  I have always been skeptical of the Roku player and the quality of the picture that they could possibly deliver over someone’s network connection of unknown quality and load.  When … Continue reading

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Embedded D-RATS

For a while now, I’ve wanted to see what interesting things I could do with a microcontroller by teaching it how to send and receive D-RATS packets.  I bought an Arduino Diecimila a while ago and played with it a … Continue reading

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Driving a 4-Bit LCD with an Arduino

I received my Arduino Diecimilia today.  Man, what a cool little device.  I ordered it last weekend with the intent of using it to learn about programming microcontrollers, in hopes of making some neat toys.  One of the first things … Continue reading

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The death of a legend

On Tuesday, I lost a good friend.  Not only was he hard-working, but also extremely dependable in the face of adversity.  He had been with me longer than any of my other friends; some had come and gone, but this … Continue reading

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I may have ended the Hi-Def disc format war

I know, it sounds silly, but let me lay it out: Friday, I go into the local VideoOnly store and purchase a big-screen TV.  This is the first step in furnishing the last room in our house, which we want … Continue reading

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A fireplace blower retrofit

We have a Heatilator GNDC30 direct-vent fireplace unit in our house.  It's wired for a blower unit, but the builder didn't install it (which is pretty common).  Instead of paying someone to come out and stick one in, I decided … Continue reading

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Garage door monitor

Taylor and I both seem to be completely incapable of remembering to close the garage door in all but the most simple arrival scenarios.  Okay, maybe it’s me more often that not, but still, it’s a problem.  Several times, we … Continue reading

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Sensor Hack

Well, after being so happy with my proof that the server room A/C unit wasn't cycling too often, I realized that my sampling rate was low enough (10 minutes) that if it was cycling really often, I wouldn't necessarily be … Continue reading

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Server Room Temps

I have an over-sized A/C unit for my server room, which is both good and bad.  It's good because I have plenty of capacity and can keep the room at 64 degrees in 100+ degree weather (if I so desire) … Continue reading

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