A change for me at work

When I started full-time with IBM, I was working on the Open Virtualization team, specifically on some core bits of the Xen hypervisor.  I really enjoyed that work, as it was close to what I wanted to be doing.  I enjoy the low-level stuff a lot, but team plans took me back and forth between that and higher-level things.  Recently, I had a long streak of very high level work with the libvirt-cim project.  It was nice to propose, implement, and lead something so large, especially given its relative success.  However, lately I have been itching to move back to something lower down in the stack.

Given the recent economic climate, not many people are getting a chance to change jobs or be picky about what they work on.  I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to move to one of the kernel teams in the LTC recently, so I jumped at the chance.  I have actually been working on the new team since the beginning of the year, but this week my transition was finally recognized as official in the company org charts.  Not wanting to put the cart before the horse, I waited until something concrete showed up in writing before I announced it to the world.

So, I say goodbye to the libvirt-cim project and the people working on it with me and hello to the LTC checkpoint/restart team.  I’ll be (and have recently been) working on checkpoint and restart support of running tasks in the Linux kernel.  It’s a challenging project that I’m excited to work on, with plenty of opportunities for learning.  Plenty.

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