D-RATS hits 1000 changesets!

Even though I was looking for the counter to roll over 1000 changesets back at about 850, I completely missed the event and kept on going.  On November 4th, 2008 (which also happens to be Election Day in the US), I committed the 1000’th change to the D-RATS tree:

changeset:   1000:39b8e08a1411
user:        Dan Smith
date:        Tue Nov 04 15:25:29 2008 -0800
summary:     Add multiselect form field type

The change added a new form field type that allows the user to pick one or more items out of a list.  This was necessary for the HICS260 form I was adding at the time, and was the first new form field type since forms were added on February 9th, 2008.  Since that commit, there have been 38 additional changes to date.

Just ten months ago, I was sitting at an ARES dinner talking with some D-STAR users about trying to come up with a better way to transfer files over D-STAR radios.  It was literally my second meeting with the local group, so I’m sure they had their doubts that the new guy would be able to do anything significant.  Many months later, D-RATS is used around the world, is available in two languages, and file transfers are only a small part of its feature set.  It’s a little hard to believe, but it’s even harder to imagine where D-RATS will be in another year.

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