libvirt-cim in Fedora

Today the first build of libvirt-cim hit the Fedora development tree.  This means that by just running “yum install libvirt-cim“, you can have a working CIM provider for Xen on your Fedora 8 machine (assuming you have the development repository enabled).  After installing the provider, you can do something like the following to check that it’s working:

[root@f8test ~]# wbemcli ein http://root:password@localhost/root/virt:CIM_System

You’ll get a Xen_ComputerSystem object for each of the domains you have on the system, and a Xen_HostSystem object for the host itself.

The build contains a snapshot of the development tree from a few days ago, and looks very close to what version 0.1 will be.  There is a pretty substantial amount of support for Xen paravirt guests, although there are still a few rough spots.  After we snap version 0.1, we will focus on improving support for Xen fullvirt and KVM guests, which should be very similar.  Right now, you can do things like enumerate KVM guests and devices, but you can’t do much more than that.

If you try it out (successfully or not), be sure to drop by the libvirt-cim mailing list and let us know!

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